Currently residing in Beverly Hills, California
.. but my heart will always reside in the SF Bay Area <3
Future lawyer
~ WELCOME to the new EUNIVERSE, formerly known as 32-23-33!


For the last decade I have been struggling with my weight.
I have been at many highs and many lows.
Epic weightloss saga count: #109283018
Hmm. Getting fitter, more toned, and changing my perspectives on weight loss through self-growth and this wonderfully supportive fitblr/WL community.
Follow me as I try to finally get lean, fit and MAINTAIN IT FOREVER :)

PS: I don't starve, I don't restrict my diet to only healthful foods, and I fight the urge to exercise obsessively (yoga = only exception). It's no way (for me) to live, and from my past experiences, this is not how you set yourself up to maintain.

Official Start Date: 4.25.11
(Last year around this time I was 112 lb.. a weight I had maintained for about a year and was truly happy at)

Height: 5'4.5" (164 cm)
Frame: Small

HW: 165 lb (2005)
LW: 98 lb (2003) <-- ignore this, I was in high school, lol!
SW: 123 (Down 15 lb from October '10)
CW: 117 (6/22/11)
I would like to look good and fit comfortably into my clothes while also being a lean badass. OVERALL GOAL: REDUCE BODY FAT PERCENTAGE.
*new* Become very, very, very flexible.

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What you see here isn’t the big picture.

I get anon. questions like this at least a few times a week.

Many of my post-high school friends have never seen this picture. And honestly, do you know how absolutely pointless it is telling anyone “I used to be fat” if they’re just going to say “no, no you haven’t, I can’t imagine.. blah blah blah”. But I’m posting it up here because no, I wasn’t a skinny girl EVER. In fact, from grade 7-12, I was the 2nd largest girl in my class (300 mostly East-Asian students) My face disappeared under layers of fat during middle school and only occasionally re-emerged in adulthood whenever my diet/exercise at the time actually got me to a lower weight.  Lost weight, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, and slowly inched my way down over time. After the picture on the right was taken? 6 months later I was 30+ pounds heavier. Hence why I came to Tumblr.

We’re all just on different stages of the same journey. I don’t care if you’re 100 lb or 1000 lb. We can (and do) all help each other.. there’s no reason to pass judgment on those that do not share your current weight/fitness goals. The “unfollow” button is ample enough, no? 

32-23-33 is gone!

Welcome to the Euniverse :) A friendly little niche of the web where one formerly-chubby/overweight young lady attempts to get lean, fit, flexible and healthy for life, while perhaps helping a few others on their journey as well.

Also will (hopefully) be negative-energy free :) Like this blog, I am a work in progress. ^^v

<3 Euni

PS If a bunch of links in old posts don’t work, you’ll likely have to change the url from 32-23-33 to theeuniverse. ;)


So today I took my LSAT. SCARY. But DONE FOREVER! YAYYY. Now I just have to take my time filling apps out over the summer + legitimately job hunting for the next year. YAYY! FREEDOM!

On my 10-minute break between testing sections, I was thinking about this blog (I know, wtf, but we aren’t allowed to leave the building, smart phones aren’t allowed period, and there was simply nothing to do but think about my blog HAHAHA). I have decided that I am going to change my blog URL. It’s totally misleading. Yesterday I accidentally found my way over to a proana/thinspo directory and I was listed. What? NO!

I changed my weight loss/fitness goals only after a few weeks on this site. The measurements 32-23-33 don’t matter as much now, granted, I would love to have these measurements but I don’t even know if they’re actually possible (LOL). The last few times I’ve gotten close, but the body I attained was never fit and toned. In a short amount of time, I have re-evaluted my goals and I want my blog to reflect that :)

I haven’t thought of a name yet, so people that don’t have a tumblr (like you sarah, lol) will just have to make an account and subscribe before I make the switch :)